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Bad grades? Struggle at schoolwork?
Introducing LearnNexus, helping over 3,000 students understand school subjects more.


Having over 3,000 students thoughout the United States, we are helping struggling students understand various school subjects easily. We give free lessons on various school-related topics like math, reading, and science just to name a few.

Our quick, easy and engaging lessons help kids drastically increase their grades, and help them fight that tough homework and allowing parents to give more freetime to their children. Don't believe us that only a few clicks gives you hundreds of free lessons? Let our students speak for theirselves:

Collins E.

"At first I wouldn't believe that my grades would skyrocket. Now my grades did skyrocket. Haven't regretted anything." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nick S.

"LearnNexus is like a free tutor for me. However, I don't find their lessons boring, I sometimes even bingewatch!"

Jacob F.

"LearnNexus's educational and funny lessons give me a giggle!"

Made by students, for students.

There's a reason why students love our product. We make our lessons fun, instead of boring how most teachers do it nowadays. That's the good thing about LearnNexus!

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